Immigration and employment consultants

It is important to us that our clients best interests are at the forefront of our services, ensuring individuals and families feel supported and assured throughout all processes and the sometimes difficult stages involved in their visa applications and all immigration matters.

HOW WE CAn help you

We understand the vulnerability some people can face when dealing with their immigration issues, which often include con-current employment matters. 

“I have teamed up with LC Employment Law Ltd so we can offer a “one stop shop” for immigrants facing issues with their employment in NZ.”

If a client’s circumstances require other law specialities, I have an experienced team of lawyers who regularly work together to ensure clients circumstances are addressed.

Taking this approach clients can be certain they have the most robust and effective advice and solutions available to them.

North and South Immigration NZ terms of engagement; All immigration services provided, processes, conditions and fees are contained under the CONTACT heading.


Resolving Unexpected Visa Issue;

“ I was given Sarah's number  when I needed information about getting a different visa when my work visa unexpectedly came to an end.

I was in a state about having to leave the country and Sarah managed to get all the information she needed and search for a visa that would be suitable for me.

It was thanks to her that I was able to stay in the country. I can't thank her enough for her time and for being on the end of the phone when I needed her.” 


Essential Skills Work Visa;

‘Sarah has been a key factor in the success of my current visa process.

I honestly wouldn't still be in New Zealand without her. She is a depth of knowledge in the laws, guidelines and factors for each person's individual immigration situation. She also stays very current with those fast changing laws. 

I was attempting to apply for my visa by myself as I had done in the years prior. Little did I know they had modified the entire process and required A LOT more paperwork, evidence and proof of eligibility as well as processes required by your employer for sponsorship. 

I highly recommend her services. She not only made my process much less stressful, but pushed me along the way to hang in there and not give up in the difficult times.”







about uS

As a licensed immigration adviser I provide both advice and advocacy in these key areas;

* Quick and successful applications for a visa appropriate to circumstances

*Client centred solutions - focusing on needs and goals  

*Effective responses to urgent and unexpected requests

* Problem solving complex issues that can arise within immigration matters

* Advocating and supporting vulnerable people through difficult processes


Section 61 Request & Residence Application;

“Sarah has been a life saver. One month ago I was told that I must leave the country immediately. 

In the past I have done my own paperwork for my visas and this time I was applying for my residency. I went through the process as usual and turned everything in before my past visa expired. I was awaiting a response when I got the news that you don’t get an interim visa when going from visa to residency.

I was now living in the country unlawfully. I knew I needed help.

I called Sarah in a panic and she quickly calmed me and said we would figure it out. She worked with me for a week and we got all the info together.

The letter that she helped me with got me a year work visa and peace of mind. My residency in now back in process and her diligence got me back on track. I would recommend her to anyone who needs things done quickly, precisely and with care. 

Thank you again Sarah for your hard work.”


Essential Skills Work Visa;

'“Trying to solve the difficult and serious task of obtaining a Work Visa, with the aggravating that I had less than 4 weeks to do it, I went to Sarah for advice.

We first have a meeting where we talked about my current situation, what I wanted in plans of staying in New Zealand, how the paper work gonna be, how about my possibilities knowing the time left I had, how she works in that context, and all happened in a really clear context.

She showed herself very interested in me understanding every step of the process perfectly.

In that moment I knew that everything was going to be easier if I decided to contract her service. So the next day we started to collect all the papers that were required for my visa. Sarah sent me a document where she explained to me, as she did in our first meeting, all the process that involves getting a Work Visa, the criteria of the service she offers and also a list with all the documents I needed.

Meanwhile I was collecting them, we were always in constant communication, she was very careful to all my doubts.

She always sounded calm and with good predisposition, trying to find a way out of every inconvenience, which is something fundamental for me when I have to do this kind of formalities knowing that there was not much time. So finally with al the documentation that we collect a in the following days, she applied for me.

Happily, a couple of weeks later my visa was approved, INZ didn’t request for any more documents so for me, the application was perfect. All happened as she expected, and everything was always under control. I think hiring Sarah is the best option if you have to do things like this, she is very capable and knows what she is doing.

I glad that I did all this with her, she is a really good person as well.”